This year we are moving to another location and plants will have to adapt to that. Therefore, less products and quantities will be available this year.

We will be slowly adding the products that are available right now.

We regret, that due to the Brexit, we can not deliver to the UK anymore.

Due to new worldwide post regulations it is not longer allowed to send seeds in envelopes or small postboc boxes for a small fee. This means we can only send them as a package (even if they fit into your mailbox). This makes it all more expensive. Also we have disabled the 'seeds only shipping', due to people who are ordering plants using this shipment method. Please contact us when you are interested in seeds only.

Due to parcels not arriving we have decided to use a postal service with track and trace only (DHL). It is just somewhat more expensive but at least far less parcels disappear. Also it gives us room for adding more weight to a package.Only for seeds outside the European you can still order using normal postal service without track and trace. For some countries you have to ask us, as people tend to misuse seed postage for plants.

Please take care the addresses you specify are correct, else parcels will be send back to us and will only post again after correction at your own costs. We are not familiar with the postal systems world wide.

The price of the postal services is changing now and then (up and dowm for some countries), but you can always stop the chekout process at that point.


From december 2019 on, a plant passport is reuquierd for all plant material sold via the internet. So this also applies for our webshop.

Therefore our cuttings will be documented with valid plant passports once we open up again in spring.

One of the consequences is that we will cease selling winter hardy cacti from our private collection via the webshop!


For 2020 we still can send CITES species (all botanic species) to the UK. After the transition period we will need a CITES export and import permit, and maybe depending on the outcome of the negociations a phytosanitary document.